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Buying New Kitchen Cabinets – Options, Choices and Buying Suggestions

When it comes to renovating your kitchen or building a new one, your kitchen cabinetry are the most important component you’ll want to consider.  This means dedicating some time to consider the design, colour and material choices for your cabinets, which will set the entire look and feel of your kitchen. To help make these decisions when it comes to buying new kitchen cabinets, we’ve put together a helpful list of considerations in our guide below.

Buying new kitchen cabinets

Should I choose custom made?

Some kitchen cabinet suppliers offer a range of stock cabinets in set, modular sizes, and are typically only available in limited styles. Some suppliers also provide semi-customisable kitchens, which provide you with a little more choice when it comes to colours and finishes. While these are considered easily accessible and affordable, if you choose the right company, option for custom kitchen cabinets can be more affordable than you think.

At KitchenU we prefer to use the term made-to-measure for our custom kitchen cabinets. This means that not only do you have the option to choose your colours, materials, finishes and fixtures, but your cabinets are custom built to your exact size specifications.

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Kitchen cabinet material options


Laminated board is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet material options, because of its contemporary look and cost-effectiveness. Laminates are available in an almost endless range of colours and finishes, and when you choose high quality Australian laminated board, you can be assured of its resistance to heat, moisture and stains.

Two pack

You may have heard of 2 pac kitchens. The name ‘two pack lacquer’ refers to a two-part paint solution that is sprayed onto the doors and panels. It offers a beautiful appearance, excellent durability, a range of finishes from matte to high gloss and the opportunity to match any colour your heart desires. Because it is a paint, two pack lacquer is the perfect choice for shaped cabinet doors, such as in Hamptons style kitchens.

Vinyl wrap

Vinyl wrap cabinet doors are a medium density fibreboard that’s wrapped in thin vinyl material through a process that involves vacuuming, gluing and heating. Vinyl wrap is available in different kinds of colours and textures, and is suited to both flat and shaped doors.

Popular cabinet options

Shaker style cabinets

Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular cabinet options. With shaped doors with a simple design, they provide a classic look that will never go out of style. Shaker style kitchens – or any kitchen style with shaped doors and panels, including traditional and country kitchens – are usually finished with 2 pack lacquer.

Flat front cabinet

Minimalist and stylish, flat front cabinets are perfect for a contemporary kitchen and are typically the most affordable style of cabinetry. While flat front doors can manufactured using any cabinet material, laminated board is the most popular choice because of its cost effectiveness. As well as being easy to clean, flat front cabinets can be made with or without handles for a sleek, modern look.

Glass front cabinets

Glass front cabinets area best suited to top or display cabinets, they can be integrated with other door styles. This style of cabinet can help to create an illusion of more space and pair beautifully with lights to display ceramics and top-quality glassware.

Kitchen cabinet colour options

When it comes to kitchen cabinet colour options, it’s best to steer away from colours that are too ‘on trend’, as bold, dark or gaudy colour choices can be date poorly or be polarising should you wish to sell your home in the future. The most popular choices are neutral colours such as white, off-whites, greys and more recently, black. Earthy colours are also favourable when it comes to reselling. Whatever colour you choose for your kitchen cabinets, remember it will be complimented by your choice of bench top, and can be accentuated with pops of colour when making choices around your splash back, wall paint and even fittings. Recent trends including rose gold tap ware, matte black sinks and pastel retro fridges.

Clever storage

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing new kitchen cabinets is functionalist. One of the perks of choosing custom cabinetry is designing your kitchen to incorporate clever storage solutions that work for you and your family. These storage solutions can include Blum Space Towers for pantries, base cabinets designed specifically for kitchen utensils, and even narrow cabinets for herbs and spices. Considering stage as part of your kitchen design is especially important when you you have a small kitchen. By choosing custom cabinetry, it allows you to get super creative with every nook and cranny, instead offing limited to set modular sizes.

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