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2021 Kitchen Trends

If you’re planning on building a kitchen or renovating an old one, you might be wondering what fresh and fashionable kitchen trends we’ll be seeing in 2021. When it comes to design trends, we are firm believers in considering the timelessness of a certain fashion or style. This means factoring in your personal taste as well as the marketability of your home, should you design to sell. Some trends will withstand the test of time, such as matte black cabinetry or golden fixtures.

When popular trends are implemented with careful consideration, they can give your kitchen the kind of star power that lasts well beyond that first Instagram post, and will help to cultivate a

warm, inviting environment that will keep you loving your kitchen for years to come. Whether your kitchen will be used for cooking family dinners, entertaining guests or enjoying fine dining with your partner, we’ve compiled some kitchen trends can be incorporated into almost any design.

Here are our top picks of 2021 kitchen trends that are shaping the future of kitchen design.


Top six 2021 kitchen trends

2021 kitchen trends #1: Dark timber

The new year sees dramatic, dark timber becoming a trend in the kitchen, with a large focus on cabinetry. For the timber to be the standout feature in your design, dark cabinetry is best paired with lighter colours such as white marble benchtops and neutral wall paint. This will instantly give your kitchen a rich, opulent feel, whilst also invoking nature, and offers a unique alternative to the popular all white kitchen trends of previous years.

 2021 kitchen trends #2: Matte black

When it comes kitchen trends for 2021, darker colours appear to reign. Matte black is a popular choice, and is commonly seen in tap fixtures, splashbacks, and cabinetry. Paired well with wooden flooring and marble benchtops, matte black offers the opportunity to add a theatrical flair to your new kitchen. It’s worth noting that a matte black kitchen must be balanced with good lighting, as the black will quickly absorb low lighting sources.

 2021 kitchen trends #3: Open shelving

Simple but stunning, open shelving is quickly becoming a favourite amongst homeowners for its minimalist design and convenience. Open shelving offers numerous aesthetic and functional benefits, and provides an opportunity to showcase your best ceramicware. It is an especially good option for smaller spaces, as it can open up your kitchen to make it feel larger. Custom made open shelving can even be used to fill awkward spaces that don’t have room for a cupboards or drawers, making for an excellent display piece to house decorations, sentimental items or small houseplants.

Kitchen trends for 2021#4: Pops of colour

Pops of colour have become increasingly popular in recent kitchen designs, as more people are moving away from the conventional trend towards whites and neutrals. Colour can be incorporated into your kitchen in many ways, starting with your cabinets. Incorporate bold colours into your design by selecting from our almost endless range of laminated board, or have your colour customised 2 pack lacquer. Kitchen splashbacks are another popular way to integrate colour. Choose colourful tiles or a coloured glass splashback in a shade that really sings to you. Colour is bold, and it can take some careful deliberation to get it right, so we recommend visiting our showroom to discuss your colour options with one of our design professionals.

Kitchen trends for 2021 #5: Gold finishes

For a dramatic statement, why not think about incorporating gold finishes such as taps and sinks into your kitchen? Yellow and rose gold pair perfectly with both light and dark colours, and a carefully considered gold finished item will instantly make a kitchen feel luxurious, turning your kitchen into a real showstopper.

Kitchen trends for 2021 #6: Handle-less cabinets

For a sleek, minimalist look, you can’t do better than handle-less cabinets. This trend has grown in popularity over the last ten years as, and makes for a modern looking kitchen design that is both functional and efficient. You can choose from touch technology, finger pulls or hidden handles along the edges of doors and drawer fronts. Alternatively, there are many beautiful slimline kitchen cabinet handles available in a wide range of colours and finishes that can create a similarly streamlined look.

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