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Inspirational and Stylish Kitchen Designs

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, bringing your kitchen ideas to life is both exciting and rewarding. Designing your new kitchen allows you the perfect opportunity for personalisation, as you not only have the ability to choose your favourite colours and materials, but you also have control of the finer details, from the types of handles you choose to your lighting and tapware. We just know your Pinterest boards are full of stylish kitchen designs and interior ideas that inspire you – ours are too! In this blog on stylish kitchen designs we would love to explain some of the terms you might have heard thrown around, to help you decide the right style for you. 

Stylish kitchen ideas explained

The modern kitchen

A modern kitchen is a broad term but usually refers to a stylish kitchen that features a design with sleek, flat surfaces and little to no ornamental fixtures. Modern kitchen styles are a very popular choice homeowners, as their simple designs are aesthetically pleasing and are not subject to shifting trends. This style can be enjoyed for years, without worrying that the design will date, new furniture won’t match or that a potential buyer will not like the kitchen. Though modern and minimalist designs tend to overlap, a modern kitchen tends to incorporate more colours, fixtures and fittings and will still feel ‘homey’.

The minimalist kitchen

A minimalist kitchen design is means breaking your design into the barest components possible. Ask yourself ‘what do I really need?’ These stylish kitchen designs tend to feature simple lines, neutral tones, handless cabinets and drawers and compact sinks. You’ll often find minimalist kitchens in monochromatic colours. Stainless steel is also a popular material choice, because it not only makes for not only a sleek aesthetic, but also provides a practical and hygienic surface to prepare food. Minimalism in general is a style that emphasises intelligent use of space, and you will often see minimalist kitchens in apartments or smaller homes with open floor plans. To avoid this style looking uninviting, our clients often choose a standout feature to incorporate into the room, like reclaimed timber or a dramatic piece of artwork.

The country kitchen

Country or ‘farmhouse’ kitchens are stylish kitchen designs that exude warmth, and tend to feature shaped cabinet doors, vintage-look handles, large kitchen islands and deep, apron-front sinks. With this wonderful style of kitchen, it’s all about creating a cozy space, with a design that combines design ideas borrowed from traditional kitchens like ornate corbels, with other defining characteristics like exposed brick walls, opulent lighting and freestanding cabinetry in soft coloured hues, as well as display cabinets or open shelving for crockery and utensils. Timber floorboards pair well with this kitchen style, as does tiles or even checkered linoleum.

The rustic kitchen

Rustic kitchens are usually quite similar to country style, but this main difference with this stylish kitchen is that it will usually feature more timber, and have an unfinished look as opposed to the polish of a country kitchen. Think rich and rustic looking wood paired with natural stone, complimented by slightly ‘shabby’ furniture choices, which add to the authenticity of the look. Rustic kitchen designs work best in homes with exposed beams timber beams. While the farmhouse style of kitchen will often be painted with soft blues, greens or creams, rustic kitchens are entirely centred around using materials in their natural state. There’s also been an an uptick of clients opting for more cost-effective materials for their designs, like timber-look laminated board which can only be used flat, not shaped. This has resulted in streamlined kitchens with a rustic twist… and we love it!

The eclectic kitchen

Do you find yourself loving all sorts of different elements of these stylish kitchen designs? Then an eclectic style might be for you! This style can be a little harder to pull off, but it makes for a completely unique kitchen experience when it’s done well. Eclectic kitchens require carefully curating contrasting features that complement each other and are best executed with the help of someone experienced. Whether you lean towards a traditional or modern aesthetic, it’s worth starting with one standout feature you absolutely love and working from there. Unlike a minimalist style, an eclectic approach incorporates different colours, materials and finishes, with fun patterns or bold fixtures and fittings. If you love the eclectic look but don’t know where to start, it’s worth getting a stylish kitchen designer in to help create a complementary look that doesn’t overwhelm your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, because your designer will work with you to ensure your kitchen feels creative, not chaotic.

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