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Kitchen Improvement Ideas

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And when it comes to revamping your house, the kitchen is always first on the list!

Whether you’re renovating or even just redecorating, important to consider both the practical elements as well as the finer details. We recommend writing a list of priorities so that when you start planning your kitchen redesign, you have a clear idea of what your dream kitchen looks like.

To help you get started, we’re put together a list of fresh kitchen improvement ideas that will help you get inspired to update your kitchen today.

How To Make Cabinets Look Better

The purpose of kitchen cabinets is to both look great and provide functional, easy to use storage. If your kitchen cabinets are looking tired, or you’re struggling to fit your pots, pans and plates, it’s time to upgrade.

The best and simplest way to make your cabinets look better is to simply replace them. It’s best to opt for cut-to-size kitchen cabinets, which are custom made fit your exact measurements and will fit seamlessly into place in your existing kitchen. Opting for high quality materials such as Laminex board and Blum hinges will mean that your kitchen will stand the test of time.

A popular kitchen trend is making a statement with colour on some – but not all – of your kitchen cabinets. This type of contrast creates instant visual appeal and will really elevate the look of your kitchen. According to the Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast, colours ranging from a simple neutral palette such as biscuit creams and caramels, to a tonal green palette (a great nod to harmony, calmness and nature), and an indulgent colour scheme rich with burgundy, eggplant and terracotta are all coming in hot! But, we believe the real key to nailing this look is picking a colour that you genuinely love, rather than what might fit a short-term fad!

If you’re happy with the layout, colour and quality of your kitchen, but you’re still wondering how to make cabinets look better, you can also consider doing a deep clean. When it comes to cleaning laminated surfaces, we recommend avoiding commercial sprays and instead suggest using mixture of mentholated spirits and water on a disposable cloth wipe or microfibre cloth. You’ll be amazed at the difference removing all those pesky fingerprints can make!

If you’re still not sure how to make cabinets look better, it’s time to get inspired. We recommend checking out Pinterest, Youtube vlogs or simply booking a time with one of our designers for some great inspiration.

Change your Benchtops

Updating your kitchen benchtops is a simple change that can dramatically overhaul the appearance of your kitchen. At KitchenU we supply an almost unlimited range of high quality kitchen benchtop options to suite everyone’s unique taste and budget.

Two of the most popular choices for benchtop materials are laminate and natural stone. Laminate benchtops are a cost effective and durable benchtop choice with a hugely diverse range of colour and texture options available. Or maybe it’s time to invest in the

gorgeous new granite or marble benchtops you’ve been dreaming about which can add a whole new level of sophistication. For even greater drama, choose a countertop in a colour that contrasts your cabinets, such as pairing a dark granite with lighter doors.

If you’re not in the market to renovate just yet, one of our clever kitchen improvement ideas that will update the appearance of your kitchen benchtop is to purchase a big, attractive cutting board. Chopping boards are available in materials including solid timber and non-porous marble, and can provide a little ‘lift’ that is both functional and looks great!


All in the Details

Move over stainless steel, because matte tapware is super popular right now! Statement tapware with high arches make for a truly standout feature in your kitchen. Choose from colours like black, gold or copper to rejuvenate and modernise your kitchen.

Bring your room to life by adding texture. You can add a tactile element to your kitchen in many ways, starting with your choice of board. Many laminates come in textured finishes that can either be used as a unique alternative to smooth surfaces, or can be used in conjunction with satin or gloss to create an interesting contrast. If you aren’t replacing your cabinets, you can instead use a textured paint to create a statement wall in your favourite timeless colour.

And perhaps one of our favourite ways to bring life into your kitchen is to add a little greenery. Pothos is a vining plant that makes an excellent choice for any kitchen. Display cuttings in recycled glass bottles or use a hanging basket to save valuable bench space. Depending on the available natural light in your kitchen, you could even create your own indoor herb garden!

Add or Change Your Lighting!

Proper lighting in your kitchen is paramount. A well-lit kitchen has ambient lighting to fill the room, task lighting used to illuminate areas and enable safe food preparation, and accent lighting, which are flourishes added to compliment the kitchen’s design.

Many older kitchens only have overhead lighting, which can leave food preparation areas shaded. When renovating your kitchen, invest in effective under cabinet kitchen lighting, and consider adding a lighting element that is unique and special, such as a gold pendant light or beaded chandelier to give your updated kitchen some flair!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of kitchen improvement ideas, but really, we’re just scratching the surface. The best way to improve your kitchen is to talk with an expert kitchen designer to help you make kitchen renovation decisions that are sure to bring you newfound joy.

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