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How to make a small kitchen look bigger

Regardless of the size of your home, clever kitchen design is all about making the best use out of your space. When you’re working with limited space, such as kitchens in apartments, it’s absolutely imperative that your design takes in your lifestyle and storage needs so that it can be both functional and beautiful. Aside from knocking down walls, which is often our recommended solution for closed-in kitchens, there are many creative ways to create the illusion of space and make your kitchen feel roomier.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks on ‘How to make a small kitchen look bigger’ below. Or if you’d like to discuss ‘How to make a kitchen look bigger’ with an experienced kitchen designer, contact us to set up an appointment with one of the KitchenU team today.

Use light colours to open it up

Light colours make a space look bigger and brighter. This is because white and other lighter shades are more reflective, maximising available light. Whereas darker colours absorb more light, which can therefore make a room feel smaller. Choosing neutral colours such as white, alabaster and dove greys for your cabinets can instantly open up the feel of your kitchen. If you prefer a hint of colour, opt for light blues, pale greens or subtle yellows.

Avoid sharp contrasts

When making your colour selections, it’s good practice to avoid sharp contrasting colours if you’re wanting your space to look as big as possible. Solid blocks of bright or dark colours can dominate a small room as they draw the eye away from the rest of the space, making a small kitchen appear even smaller! For this reason, we recommend pairing light with light and avoiding anything too busy. By choosing a benchtop in a light shade with a subtle pattern such as Caesarstone’s Organic White and opting for stainless rather than black appliances, you can truly create the sense of ample space. 

Let in natural light

We always recommend making the most of natural light. If your kitchen has a window, swap out any heavy curtains for sheer blinds or nothing at all! Sunlight and a great view will help open the room up, make the outdoors a visual extension of the kitchen.

Install under cabinet lighting

Clever lighting is key to making a small kitchen look bigger. Using a combination of lighting solutions including downlighting and dispersed light such as pendant lights, as well as under cabinet lighting is a very effective way to bring create the illusion of space. Under cabinet lights offer a number of additional benefits, such as making food preparation easier, especially when there’s not much natural light available.

Install open shelving

Open shelves can give a small kitchen an open and airy look when compared with overhead cupboards. However, if your shelves are cluttered, it will have the opposite effect and make your room feel even smaller. Therefore, open shelving is a great option to display a few key items that really add personality to your décor, whilst keeping your kitchenware stored in more practical drawers.

Choose reflective surfaces

If you really want to know How to make a small kitchen look bigger, the answer is reflective surfaces! Combining well thought out lighting with reflective surfaces really helps create the illusion of space, as light readily bounces around the room. A really great way to implement this tip is to choose a mirrored splashback, which will not only reflect tonnes of light, but give the room additional depth as well. Appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves are also available in reflective finishes. 

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